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OK, to start out with, ‘everyone’ knows that you simply shouldn’t use your phone while driving a car. However, many do use their phone within the car, navigating a route, checking messages, taking note of music, taking phone calls, etc….

Unfortunately, this type of warning is heeded about the maximum amount as ones like, ‘you shouldn’t stay awake late because it is often really harmful to your health’. Basically, people just don’t really take any notice of those, do they?

The thing is, many of those warnings have a particular amount of truth to them and if you’re one among those that don’t take any notice, then you would possibly be putting yourself in peril.

Fortunately, humans are intelligent enough to create things to scale back the danger (careful, that reduces only not remove!). for instance, a telephone car mount, designed to carry your device within the optimum position for safe viewing of the screen whilst driving. So, the sole question left to answer is: If the market is flooded with cheap and unreliable phone car mounts, which one do you have to buy?

Maybe you ought to know what you’ll choose first.

What are the choices when it involves a car phone mount?

There are many car phone mounts on the market, but take a better look and you’ll find that aside from wireless charging functionality, there are 3 types available: people who clamp your phone, people who attach to your phone magnetically but got to stick a metal plate on the rear of your phone or case, and people that are magnetic but somehow hide the metal plate.

So, let’s check out all and see which is best.

1) The car mount that clamps your phone (type 1)

Do an inquiry on Amazon and you’ll see many car phone mounts a bit like this.
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They have either 2 or 3 arms that clamp the phone whilst in your car, and therefore the mounting base varies between a suction cup to an air vent clip or maybe a CD slot. Most of the time these car mounts believe the clamping forces to figure, or to be specific, they use various gears and comes to clamp your phone and keep it safe mechanically.

2) The magnetic car mounts that require you to stay a metal plate on your phone (type 2)

This is another popular type on Amazon. Compared with the primary type, this one has magnets inside which replace the mechanical clamps.

To use it, you would like to stay an oblong or round metal plate (or metal ring to wirelessly charge your phone) on the rear of your phone (or phone case). It’s this metal plate, which is attracted by the magnets within the mount, which holds your phone securely in situ .mechanically.

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3) The magnetic car mount that gives a chic solution (type 3)

Believe it or not, those metal plates are often really annoying when it involves the aesthetics of your phone or having the ability to wirelessly charge your phone. Fortunately for you and me, there are some smart designers who have found clever ways to cover those metal plates inside the phone case in order that the magnetic car mount works correctly without ruining the aesthetic great thing about your phone, which is type 3.

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Now let’s return to the previous question: which one do you have to invest in?

Why will magnetic car mounts (with the metal plate) dominate the car phone mount market?

Mounting a smartphone during a car should not be complicated. It just must be sturdy, secure, and adjustable.

However, that’s easier said than done, and unfortunately, an honest one isn’t easy to seek out.

Fear not, I even have done that for you, I even have found the simplest magnetic car mount out there and not a metal plate anywhere to be seen.

1) Providing a better experience of daily usage (while comparing with the primary type)

Assuming that you simply own the primary sort of car phone mounts, you would like to carefully install your phone in from the highest in order that the springs work correctly to clamp your phone. Or the gears work to stop your phone from dropping.

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This can be an honest way of holding your phone if there’s no magnetic car mount.

Let’s inspect how it works.

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When compared with the sort 1 mount, a magnetic mount looks much cleaner, simpler, and fewer clunky.
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There’s no metal plate stuck on the rear of your phone/case once you use the sort 3 car mount, it just looks neat and uncluttered, whereas the sort 2 one can totally ruin the design of your phone.

3) The metal plate won’t affect the wireless charging or cause your phone to heat up

The metal plate is embedded or simply stuck on the rear of your phone/case, which may be quite important when it involves wireless charging. But why is that? You might have already got examine problems experienced by other users on the webonce you charge your phone wirelessly employing a magnetic car mount, the stuck on the metal plate will interfere with the energy transfer and may cause your phone to heat up, as metal may be a material that will reduce the electromagnetic fields utilized wireless charging. you’ll check my other article the age of Wireless Charging is upon us but does your Phone Case stop this? to seek out more detailed reasons.

Ok, what if you employ a metal ring to secure your phone on a magnetic mount and enable your phone to charge wirelessly instead?

Well, the situation of the wireless charging aerials varies between phones, and you never actually know if you’resticking the metal ring within the right place or not. albeit you stick it within the right place, you can’t make sure that you set your phone within the right place on the car mount where the wireless charging works. Consequently, the stuck on the metal ring will still be causing you problems.

But if it were a magnetic car mount with embedded metal plates, the matter is solved immediately.

And you would possibly have guessed; there’s an honest example of this available immediately.

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Last but not least, it’s sorts of the mounting base, one for your car vent, one for a CD slot, and a suction cup to repair it to a window. you select the foremost applicable one for your car.

In conclusion
As I said right at the beginningyou actually shouldn’t use your phone whilst driving, but if you actually got to, choose a top-quality telephone car mount to scale back the danger of getting an accident.

There are literally only 3 sorts of car phone mounts on the market: mounts that use mechanical arms; magnetic car mounts that require you to stay a metal plate on your phone and magnetic car mounts that use embedded metal plates.

From personal experience, the last type is my ideal choice since it’s the safety and ease of magnetic mounting alongside wireless charging performing at an equivalent time correctly; automatically aligning itself; support for fast charging; very easy to use; 360°rotation than on.

There are many features you would like to think about when it involves buying a phone, but if you’re choosing a phone car mount, the above 5 reasons should be enough to form sure that you simply get the simplest one for your money.

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