Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra official cases

Samsung Galaxy S20 Samsung Galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20Samsung Galaxy S20

I surmise we as a whole know a mind-blowing sentiment blazing before your eyes as your cell phone tumbles down the steps. You get it minutes after the fact with a shaking hand and… you’re assuaged to discover that your value is free from any potential harm. Since you had a case on it. That is to say, obviously, you did! Cell phones are currently more delicate than any other time in recent memory, and fix costs are not beautiful to take a gander at – the Galaxy S20 show fix value begins at two or three hundred dollars. Doubtlessly, putting resources into a cell phone case is an extremely savvy activity.


But what are the best Galaxy S20 cases you can buy? There are literally hundreds of options on the market; however, the ones many would consider first are the official Galaxy S20 cases. And they’re not bad, as you would expect. I spent the last few days testing official cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Below you’ll find a quick review with my thoughts on each, with pros and cons.

                              Samsung Galaxy S20 official cases

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I’ll start with the official Galaxy S20 leather case because it’s on my personal list of best Galaxy S20 cases. It is definitely not the most rugged case, but it is thin, light, and soft to the touch, while the color complements the Galaxy S20 nicely. It’s a case that puts looks and style first. The buttons are easy to feel, and the cutout at the bottom makes it easy to use gesture navigation.

However, as previous Samsung leather cases, this one will wear out quickly as it rubs against hard surfaces and the insides of your pockets. Also, some of my colleagues find it slippery. It’s not the grippiest case, but it seems fine to my fingers.

Another detail I must mention is that the version of this case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra does not protect the camera well. Apparently, the camera module protrudes above the case’s surface, according to multiple reports on Samsung’s official product page. However, that’s not an issue with the smaller Galaxy S20 that I have.

                                      Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus official cases

                                                  Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 plus S20 ultra 6 Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 plus S20 ultra 5

This is the most rugged Galaxy S20 Plus case on the list and it protects the phone from every angle. On the other hand, the accessory is thick and bulky, not to mention that it’s difficult to take off. The case is mostly made of hard plastic with vertical ridges for extra grip. The sides are soft and rubbery. Because of the raised lip at the top and bottom, navigation gestures can be more difficult to use.

A key selling point of this case is the dual kickstand setup at the back. It lets you prop up the phone at two different angles which is cool for things like watching videos. However, multiple comments on Samsung’s product page say that the kickstand is prone to falling off or breaking. I haven’t had any issues with it, personally, and I don’t think it is too flimsy. Overall, this could be the best Galaxy S20 Plus rugged case made by Samsung.

I tried charging the Galaxy S20+ wirelessly with this case on. The phone did charge wirelessly, though I had to be a bit more precise with the placement on the charging pad. Reverse wireless charging also works with this case on.

 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra official cases

                                                  Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 plus S20 ultra 8 Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 plus S20 ultra 7

I think this is a case you’ll either love or hate. What’s special about it is that it’s made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles, so you’re protecting both your phone and the environment by picking one. The weaved fabric on the back looks cool but feels a bit rough – some of my colleagues liked it a lot while others said it felt terrible to touch. I’m fine with it personally and I like that it’s so different, though I think the exterior could be hard to keep clean, judging by my experience with previous fabric Samsung cases. Overall, this is a lightweight case with a very distinct feel and look. Check it out if you’re into unconventional stuff.

                                    Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 plus S20 ultra 9 Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 plus S20 ultra 3

This is a simple silicone Galaxy S20 Ultra case that offers average protection. It is slim and light, with a cutout at the bottom for gesture navigation. Buttons on the side are easily accessible. The surface has a matte finish and provides an average grip. I’d say this case isn’t as grippy as Samsung’s previous silicone cases, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With older Samsung cases, pulling out the phone sometimes also pulled out my pocket which was very annoying. Still, I’ve noticed that dirt and dust tend to stick to this case, so it’s not easy to keep clean. Perhaps you’d like this one if you need a colorful and thin Galaxy S20 Ultra case.

Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 plus S20 ultra 9 Samsung Galaxy S20 S20 plus S20 ultra 4


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