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Today I’m bringing an and review of the Blitz wolf BW HL 1 SmartWatch off which is obviously a good deal considering that this already is pretty cheap ,so you’ll get it even cheaper off  all you have on the front is the model name obviously the blitz wolf logo here on the top on the sides you can see that it is all basically blank, and on the back you have a few specifications such as the Bluetooth version which is 4.0 the working tang which is of around 7 to 10 days, which is quite accurate since I have been using this for around a week, and a half and they only charged it once which is really good to see at this price point a charging time of around 2 hours which is also pretty accurate a battery of 880 million powers, so as you can tell this has a pretty small battery but it still holds the charge really well and the way it is of, 49 grams which again this is a very lightweight watch so you won’t even feel it on your hand so opening up the box on the top you’ll find the watch and, as I said I have been using this so you can see that I have put on the plastic screen protector again just so you know how this looks and as you can see it does tell you to fully charge it before using which is always a good thing to do with new product since obviously getting them fully charged will not hinder the battery performance .and the battery indicator will work as intended so underneath what you will find the another divider which basically has nothing in there and then underneath you will find the box which when opening it up you will find these items inside so obviously you will find the charger a manual and a little card and also the watch straps so going through the user manual quickly you can see here that it gives you a table of contents as well and other than that it just lets the application which it dis uses which is the fit which is commonly used by these cheap smartwatches it gives you some other stuff again the specifications for example how you control it for examplethe different functions that it has ,and all the other stuff which again if you never owned the SmartWatch before this might be useful and another good thing about this manual is that it is in full-color then as I mentioned before you have this little card here which basically states that if you are satisfied you can obviously share the product and give a good review and if you are dissatisfied you can obviously contact them with any problems you have so now moving on to the charger as you can see I have already used this obviously as I said before and once you remove the wrapping you can see that this is a magnetic charger with two little prongs here which connect to the underside of the watch and,on the other side you’ll find a normal USB type A so obviously there is no problem with this whatsoever you can connect it to your laptop wall charger ,and you can charge it up with no problems,and now lastly moving on to the watch itself as I said before I have taken off the protector so you can tell that it is already in use but apart from that you can see that the design is really good-looking it even looks a bit like the Apple watch so if you are a fan of that this will bepretty good for you and apart from that all of it is made out of metal which is extremely good to see at this price point and as you can see on the back you have a heart rate sensor the charging magnets here and the charging point also the model number again this is where you connect these straps to which we will go into later and apart from that on the front you have the button here on the bottom which is the only point which is touch capacitive so everything will be controlled from here and the LCD screen.

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All you need to do is hold down the button it will vibrate and it will turn on without any problems now obviously as I said before, I have been using this so you can tell that there are already some steps there, and basically overall you will see that the watch face is pretty good-looking by itself ,and going through the menu you can see a calorie counter a sleep meter a heart rate sensor which if you hold down it will start feeding and obviously since it’s not on my hand you will see that it will not read any heart rate there you can see that the heart rate is in use and as you can tell the little green light will start flashing trying to find a heart rate but again as you can see sometimes it does fail and the things that it has detected the heart rate when in reality it has not but from my previous testing I have seen that it works pretty well and usually if it’s not on your hand it says that do what is not being warned so it will not read out a heart rate apart from that you have a training mode a blood pressure sensor an oxygen sensor which again this is not going to be very accurate because you need to consider that the only sensor ,is the small one right here obviously in this case real medical equipment would be a lot more accurate but nonetheless you do have those features if you want to use them whether which is controlled, by your phone and obviously it will give out the information to your watch messages which if you hold down you can go ,and click through them although obviously now it’s not connected to my phone a player which is really good .

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Well so if it’s connected to your phone you can keep holding down the button ,and you can control the music a shutter button so again if you hold this down ,and it’s connected to your phone it can act as a shutter ,and then if you click on other you can see that you have a few other options such as a stopwatch which if you hold down it will start and if you hold down again it will stop obviously you can pause it in between then you have mute off so again it depends on how you want this if you do not want it to vibrate you can obviously mute it you have a reset button so if there’s any problem you can obviously reset you have a power of button as well, and a brightness button right here now I prefer that obviously it would be on the brightest setting but if you want to be a bit on the lower side you can obviously control it depending on what you would like now something about this menu here that I do not like is really the colors that it has now obviously some people will be a fan of that and some others won’t and I personally think that it’s a bit too flashy for my liking but nonetheless again this is all personal preference now going through the training mode you can see also that you have a power of training modes here obviously if you want to keep track of everything.

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For example walking you can hold that down and to read the heart rate obviously ,and then it also calculates your calories burned distance walked and those of the steps and if you hold it down you can obviously stop or pause the training mode so if you want to download the app you can go into the Play Store and search for da fit as you can see it does have three point four stars so it’s not the best rating ever but you do have one million-plus downloads which again this is since all of these cheap smartwatches use a similar app so for example ,I have the fit drawn our health and all the other apps that are usually used with these chips Chinese smartwatches and other than that you have a pretty clean layout as you can see from the pictures below as well,and we will go through the app right now so opening it up in fact it does tell you to obviously turn on the Bluetooth then you can go into the SmartWatch section here and connect to your watch without any problems now since ,I have connected already you can see that it will start trying to connect with it ,and once it finds it and connects it will display connected now again this is the route that you have to take to connect this watch to your phone as if you go to the Bluetooth settings themselves it will not connect at all and this is because when you have to watch on end connected to your phone you can ,also connect for example ,earphones or headphones now here since it stated that it’s connected you can obviously go and change the watch faces so for example this was the watch face that I had before as you can see if we turn it on here ,and change the watch face you can see that it will change by itself,and obviously this is all down to personal preference but I do prefer the first watch face you can also turn on notifications obviously if you give it access to the notifications and for example I won’t facebook notifications to go through,and in this case you do need to give it access from here, and this will show up on your watch whenever you receive a facebook notification then you have alarms so again if you want your phone alarms to go through or make other alarms for this watch itself you can do that and that will start vibrating so the shutter release here so if you go through the app on the phone you can obviously see that there it has gone into the shutter setting by itself holding that down it will start the shutter counter ,and there just took a photo obviously the flash also activated so you also have fine device so as you can see right here it will start vibrating to try and tell you where the watch is if you have lost it time formats which you can change to 12-hour time there you can see that it has changed to the 12-hour format then you can also change the system so for example, the metric system or the imperial system you have to choose between those two here we use metric system so,I will leave it as is you also have a do not disturb so you can start this mode whenever you want, and end it whenever you want you also have the language here which is automatically set to English but you do have a few other languages here as well you also have quick view ,and you can also display the weather if you want and if you do not like that you can obviously turn it off as well now apart from that going into the main menu here you can see all of the other stuff so basically you have the step meter which as ,I said before I have been using so it has calculated a few steps by itself and as you can see if you go into it you can see the distance traveled calories burned,and also the minutes walked and if you go over the whole week you can also see all of the other stuff listed down here ,and again it will try and compare this to other data collected from other people in fact this does collect your data but it only collects it to compare you to other people so obviously everything stays anonymous you can see who walked more for example, but nonetheless this can be quite scary for some people so again if you do not like the app you can obviously delete it,and use the watch by itself then you also have the sleep meter here so as you can tell it does tell you how you slept so in this case I have slept for around seven hours now this is accurate to a certain point only because for example, here it states that I woke up at 8:00 but if you sleep again after 8:00 it might not measure that so again this is accurate only as much as you move your .

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Now coming into the heart rate again it’s the same thing so if you do not click on measure this will not measure automatically and this is quite useful in my opinion since it makes the battery life lasts even longer now again some people would wanted to measure every few hours for example, but that can be said through the app itself then you have the blood pressure sensor which ,I do not take because these two sensors here in fact aren’t going to be that accurate and also the heart rate sensor as you can tell it is a very small sensor right here so they won’t be super accurate so you don’t really need to use them that much, and you also have outdoor running so if you’ve been running it will obviously calculate everything,and put that information into the app ,and now the last thing I want to show is how you connect the watch straps to your watch itself so going through them you can see that they are made out of rubber ,and they do actually feel really good so first off you need to grab this end of the watch strap ,and put it inside these two holes right here, and to do that it is a bit tricky but you can see that there are pins and once that is inserted you can grab this little knob up here pull it backwards and here for example, I didn’t make a mistake and it went up a bit so you need to rearrange and make sure that it’s connected properly once it’s connected you will be able to tell because it will not move anywhere so there you have the watch strap connected now the way this actually closes is pretty genius so all you need to do is do that and just like any other watch.

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But then this strap goes underneath so it does not flap around with a little strap here, and this makes sure that the strap does not go out does not protrude it does not hit anything, and it stays very fit, and snuggly underneath the other strap which in my opinion is a really good ingenious way to use the strap.

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